It is to cut off the chain of hatred in the Middle East ...

Middle East Christianity (Part)

It is to cut off the chain of hatred in the Middle East ... This is the introduction to Christianity in the Middle East. Many Middle East countries is a Muslim country, but there more than a few people who believe in Christianity. Large Syria and the whole area is called (now Jordan, Syria Republic, Lebanon, Israel) is a region where Christianity has been preaching by the apostles, including Jesus of personal pupil et al from the primitive Christian era, Jewish, Christian, Islamic religion stage and of the story that appeared in common scriptures "Old Testament", and scattered many of the land of the Christian scriptures "New Testament" Yukari. Furthermore, church and monastery ruins of the Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire) era also left, a small village also scattered to continue to protect the Christian faith. In addition, as of Umai Yad mosque in Damascus, at the church once in the mosque now, there are also those whose remnants can be seen, in this area, different religions culture has overlaid.

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