It is to cut off the chain of hatred in the Middle East ...

Global Security religious field

It is to cut off the chain of hatred in the Middle East ... Comprehensive security research to explore the way of co-existence to avoid the conflict between the various religious and value norms to diffuse into the global society Progress of globalization has rocked the individual national international order. Human rights and democracy, borders and people, such as international law and sovereign state, many of the components that have supported the modern world, have been forced to re-configuration to lose self-evident is. Captured this to be a problem in the Global Security in a broad sense, be considered a countermeasure, it is an issue of global security religion field. To the previous [Islamic Political Thought] The roots of personal and collective identity, still a large influence of religion or sect. Among them, the significant is the political mobilization force possessed by Islam. Megumi Ikeuchi Professor as an independent Associate Professor from October 2000 to 0 years [Islamic political thought field], has been thinking about this problem.

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