It is to cut off the chain of hatred in the Middle East ...

Current state of the bit coin in the Middle East

It is to cut off the chain of hatred in the Middle East ... Bitcoin is rapidly increasing in popularity now, it is popular in countries around the world. The bit coin, as a substitute for real money, online games, used, for example, payment and remittance of downloads of music can be a relative transaction that does not require an virtual currency on the Internet. Bitcoin was developed in 2000 by a person claiming to be Japan-born Satoshi Nakamoto. Initially developed the use of bit coin was limited to part of the country. However, even 0 years later, it said that popular, there is no less of countries have banned the use. Be mentioned therein, the Middle East countries of Saudi Arabia and Egypt, is like Lebanon. In the case of Egypt, by Islamic leaders, Bitcoin virtual currency is a violation of Islamic law, has decided to ban financial transactions. In addition, in the case of Saudi Arabia, according to the Monetary Authority, bit coin is considered to be due to not subject to management by the central bank in the birthplace or country, risk on use is lacking in reliability.

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