It is to cut off the chain of hatred in the Middle East ...

Approaching the huge markets of Asia, Israel's tourism strategy

It is to cut off the chain of hatred in the Middle East ... 0 years, Chinese tourist arrivals was recorded zero growth in year-on-year Israel. The first half-month of 2.0 years, but the form that has made a major revival from the number that became a year-on-year decline. Israel is Jordan and Syria, in the Middle East in contact with the Lebanon and the border. Originally Jews settled in an area where Palestinians lived, there is a historical background that has been repeated a war, a country that suffers from a complex and territorial issues not yet resolved that the Palestinian territories are present in the country . Above all, Christianity, Judaism, city Jerusalem holy places of Islam of the three religions is concentrated, because the two companies of Israel and Palestine continues to claim to be the capital of each other, discussion remains of parallel lines. This now, including the Jerusalem of the attribution problem It should be noted that the problem is a smoldering land. And the Judaism of Israel, the war of Islam of Palestine, also referred to as a proxy war of the Arab countries to support the United States and Palestine to support Israel, many countries do not allow the nation of Israel in the surrounding Arab countries.

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